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our espresso blend is bold yet balanced, nuanced and sturdy with washed and natural processed coffees for those prefer their morning ritual with a milk of choice or black - cannonball!

we are big fans of post roast blends. its a labor of love really. this blend is 80% arabica with an even ratio of washed and natural process coffees from colombia and brazil which round out the base of chocolatey and dried berries. a touch of a washed ethiopia for texture, and and oceanic depth of blue fruit complexities. the remaining 20% is robusta. we like our robusta darkly roasted adding a depth of smoke, reminiscent of bacon fat. and for those who need an extra jolt with their coffee - robusta has 3x the caffeine than arabica ...cannonball!!!


80% arabica / 20% robusta 
americas / asia / africa 
washed & natural 
brew methods:
espresso / percolator / pour over / drip / french press