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costa rica la rosa

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Costa Rican cooperatives are like symphonies. Or at least that is the sensation you get at Cooperativa de Productores de Café y Servicios Múltiples de Naranjo R.L. (Coopronaranjo) where every aspect of coffee is included in their repertoire. Coopronaranjo has ecologically designed instruments to handle every aspect of the post-harvest processing and it all runs on hydropower. But it’s not just mill equipment that makes a big impression. This cooperative also has an organic fertilizer production plant that uses vermiculture to convert coffee pulp back into low cost organic fertilizer. And if worms aren't to your taste, Coopronaranjo also operates a local supermarket and sells roasted coffee for national consumption. With more than 2000 producer-members from the Canton of Naranjo within the province of Alajuela, Costa Rica, this cooperative is designed to receive cherries from many small farms and harmonize the coffee into a well-tuned regional blend called La Rosa. 


sample roasting coffee is a process which requires time and a plan, and with each aspect having flexibility. our process has cracks though that are filled with emotions, as we love all coffees, though some more than others. and this little gem had our hearts from the cupping table. this coffee is bursting with character from the roast profile to the brew. heaps and heaps of chocolate, with a delicate fruit component which some might say tropical but an added touch of sweetness, and mouthfeel that has length like eastern montana highway. we could wax on and on about this little nugget though we’ll leave some room for your exploration as we hope our roast finds a spot in your rotation. 

costa rica 
100% arabica
grilled pineapple / plum / milk chocolate 
crop year: 2020
naranjo, alajuela
fully washed / dried in the sun
1300-1700 masl
brew methods:
pour over / drip / french press / espresso