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india monsooned malabar aa

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"Monsooning" is a style of processing that is particular to India, specifically the Malabar Coast, including Kerala and Karnataka, and produces a cup character which is remarkable in its uniqueness from other coffees and processing. Coffee is left quite literally exposed in the monsoon weather during the rainy season, for three to four months, which tempers the coffee's natural acidity and encourages more chocolaty, earthy, and spicy qualities often sought after in classic espresso blends. The coffee seeds themselves are often markedly different in color from more standard washing or natural processing, taking on a yellowish rather than greenish hue.

Historically, this unintentional process method dates back to the era of the british raj, when during the monsoon months of transporting beans from india to europe, the weather on the long voyages caused the coffee to ripen from its ash green to a pale yellow. This trip would drastically alter the size, texture and appearance of the beans and the cup. Modern transportation has since evolved though the process still exists as european markets have grown accustomed to the depth of character which has pronounced richness of cacao, roasted chestnut and tobacco. This coffee is for the adventurous.


100% arabica 
dark chocolate / bold / savory
malabar coast
collective farms
washed / monsooned
brew methods:
french press / pour over / drip / espresso