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kenya wakonyo aa

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Wakonyo Estate is located in Kenya's Kiambu county and is made up of a total of 18 acres of coffee. The soil is red volcanic and well-draining, ideal for coffee production. Cherries are harvested at optimum ripeness and processed the same day. They are de-pulped and fermented overnight, washed the next day, soaked, and placed on raised beds to dry. Wakonya Estate experiences strong and reliable bimodal rainfall, and a temperature range between 60* to 78* F. 

Our limited selection of the Wakonyo AA reflects the unique characteristics of Kenyan coffee with a pronounced tropical note on the palate, a full rich mouthfeel of caramel and butterscotch with smooth creamy finish. Kenyan coffees are gateways with an adventure in every cup. We will continue to support producers from Kenya with a broad selection of various grades. Stay tuned as this section will grow...


100% arabica 
caramel / grape / passionfruit
wakonyo estate
1700 masl
brew methods:
french press / pour over / drip / espresso