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mexico organic chiapas "ek balam"

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Mexico  "ek balam" - organically certified 100% shade grown arabica from the high altitude and lush chiapas region. we roast this gem of a coffee to medium (ish) profile to enhance the rich candied lemon, cherry cola, and maple bar cup profile. A sweet and delicious little number that will delight every morning regardless of brew method. 
small batch roasted - all of our coffees are ethically & responsibly sourced, extensively graded, and roasted in less than 12 kg batches. we harness a roasting software to measure and record roast data to consistently produce roasts that are developed, and balanced preserving the coffee's natural character while enhancing the roast-y notes we all love.

Here is an opportunity to try some stellar beans by a newly formed association of producers in the Sierra Madre de Chiapas, which includes the El Triunfo biosphere reserve. Ek-Balam Productores del Jaguar S.C. DE R. L. de C.V. (Ek-Balam) was formed in 2019 with 399 members. The vast majority of producers have indigenous roots and continue to speak a native language. Nearly one third of these growers are women who depend on income from coffee to support their families.
They cultivate coffee on farms that average just a few acres in size, small enough for each producer to process their own coffee with their own micro-mill. Ek-Balam provides crucial support to small producers. In particular, the association has helped producers gain access to credit and certifications.

Investments for basic infrastructure needs, like road improvements, establishing local warehouses, and operating a dry-mill facility are all coordinated through Ek-Balam, which ensures traceability and quality control throughout the post-harvest process. Their collective efforts have established higher prices and more producer income to support best agricultural practices and improve livelihoods
  • process method: washed 100%
  • origin:: mexico + chiapas region
  • species: arabica 100%
  • Roast level: medium
  • Cup profile: cherry cola + candied lemon + maple bar