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mexico organic chiapas

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neighboring the famed huehuetenango region of guatemala, this supportive and centralized 500 member coop, CESMACH is located in the buffer zone of El Triunfo Biosphere Reserve, which is in the highlands of the Sierra Madre. it is one of the most diverse forest reserve areas in the world and contains mesoamerica's largest cloud forest, as well as a protected natural environment for thousands of plant and animal species. all of the coffee produced here is shade-grown.

our import partner, along with CESMACH, invested in a quality-control program with specific assessments in areas that impact cup quality such as: varieties, organic farming, picking, processing, and lot selection. now each cooperative is operating with a certified Q Grader, and a centralized cupping lab to aid in lot selection, increasing the overall quality of production with direct results to the farms and farmers within their cooperative. 

this usda certified organic 100% arabica origin series selection is very limited and available only in 12oz bags. 


cocoa / nougat / apricot 


sierra madre


cesmach - multi-member coop


bourbon / typica / mundo novo


1200 - 1750 masl



brew methods:

french press / pour over / drip / espresso

certified organic by Idaho State Department of Agriculture