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teachers pet

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this extroverted blend for the introvert requires more detail, contemplation and process to achieve a roasted balance we all enjoy in our morning brew. 

what is “full city roast”? a designed and targeted roast profile determined by a bean temperature which represents the balance between a coffee’s character of origin preserving acidity with sweetness while finishing with a soft roasted complexity. think chocolate covered cantaloupe. or don't... 

as lovers of post roast blends for balanced coffees of character, the teachers pet is predominantly a washed colombian cauca excelso coffee - milk chocolate-y and big, juicy and sweet. to determine the SOUL of this blend we are inspired and supportive to source with exporters who develop farm select programs which support sustainable wages for pickers, and prices for farms and farmers at premiums above market rates. 

if you're still reading, thank you, and we'll add another layer to your morning brew from a seed to cup perspective; coffee is not convenient. coffee is intentional. the minds and hands behind every point of distinction coffee has traveled to the cup, has come with centuries of the seed being inextricably tied to manual labor. farming at high elevations with steep access all by foot to hand picked harvests which last weeks, to milling and processing stations with limited resources and mechanical conveniences is just the beginning of the story. we intend to play our part in the story and thank you again for taking the journey with us. now back to your morning brew! 


teachers pet 

100% arabica

milk chocolate / sanguine / red fruit 


americas / indonesia / africa


washed & natural 

brew methods:

pour over / percolator / french press / espresso /  drip